Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wednesday December 29th 2010 - Three Days on Three Days off.

Need to get my head down and crack on, but I’m a bit low on the old steam today.
Eyes on the prize I say. Focus Madam. It’s just three days on and then three days off.
The problem is that I am worn out just thinking about it. My schedule for the ‘off’ days is increasingly looking more like a dreamer’s scribbling than a serious action list.
Top of my new list should read:
1.      Learn to make sense.
2.      Learn to be realistic.
3.      Realise I’ll only make sense if I learn.
4.      Stop gabbing and get on with it.

Unfortunately I don’t have time for that and so I will need to stick with the original. This might not seem like a lot to some people, but I’m a professional dawdler.

1.      Gut house and make it supremely efficient. Cupboard by cupboard.
2.      Take The Little Perfect one to the park or swimming; if yucky weather.
3.      Put up shelves. (Shelves we don’t yet have.)
4.      Complete, (first start), meal planners for January.
5.      Cook 5 new meals for The Little Perfect One.
6.      Write Thank You cards.
7.      Finish, (first start), competition story.
8.      Update diaries.
9.      Sort out photos.
10.   Complete, (first start), master schedule.
11.   Get Blog up to date!
12.   Make Blog look better.
13.   Write resolutions.
14.   Clean car.
15.   Read at least 2 of my Christmas books.
16.   Online food shop.
17.   Cook adult meals for next week. (This isn’t rude, I just mean non-toddler related.)
18.   Try meditation.
19.   Complete, (first start), pitch for paper.
20.  Wash curtains.

This is only really applicable for 2 and half days, as we will be at a party on New Year’s Day, but there’s still a part of me that thinks it’ll all get done.

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