Sunday, 30 January 2011

Saturday January 1st 2011 – A Whole Year.

We know that The Little Perfect One is a big fan of parties, music, presents and an adoring audience, so it was hardly surprising that he loved every minute of his birthday bash. When he wasn’t charging around clapping and laughing excitedly, he was in his highchair cheering and swinging his legs.
For the Birthday Boy this party business just keeps getting better and better, as today we learnt that balloons are a big contender for his absolute favourite thing in the whole world. However, he’s not a supporter of chocolate cake. No, this was deemed disgusting and not even worthy of being thrown down for my parents’ dogs. It was just squished and posted into a corner of his chair.
I wonder if that’s a genetic thing? Perhaps in 2069 Professor Tomorrow will discover the gene for ‘rejecting a nice bit of cake’. All I know is that The Little Perfect One didn’t get it from me!
In fairness, I don’t think it quite works like that. I am not saying I don’t believe in genetics, it’s just that continuous variation is a certainty when it comes to opinions...
The funny thing is that one aunt or neighbour can be 100% certain that TLPO is the image of his dad and another adamant that he is a clone of his grandfather. In a way they are all right, as in a particular moment or at a specific angle I see it too, but in another sense they are also completely wrong.
My Little Perfect One is absolutely his own man. That was what amazed me the most when I first held him. He was entirely unique. Yet, in every tiny action and each changing murmur we were being given the privilege of getting to know him.
Still, it’s a lovely thing to hear. When anyone says ’he’s got your eyes’ it just makes me feel achingly proud and fluffy. It’s not as if I’ve done anything to deserve feeling pleased with myself it’s just a sort of acknowledgement of our bond and it makes me deliriously happy.
Not that anything can quite compare to the first time someone commented on a resemblance, that was probably the most wonderful thing anyone has ever said to me. That accolade belongs to Brenda, the wonderful mid-wife, who guided me through my labour. When The Little Perfect One was born she said, ’You are very strong and you have given your strength to your son.’ I don’t think I’ve ever been higher. Those 13 simple words made me feel invincible. In that one moment they made me feel fearless. More importantly, even a year on, they have given me a place to find strength if I ever really need it.


  1. "continuous variation is a certainty when it comes to opinions..."--nicely put, that.

    like your tree, your voice. at a different stage myself. 2010 my most changeful and transitional and so making 2011 my most thrilling. or, at very least, interesting.....JF

  2. Thanks JF.

    Yes, I think the transitional ones are the toughest. Still it's good to remember that maybe they are just paving the way for a more interesting road ahead.