Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Friday January 7th – Dinner for One.

My stoic Tree was left standing alone in the dribbling rain today. That blobby little orb on the right of the picture is not a spectacle of the paranormal, but a fat rain drop on the camera lens. 
Both the camera and I got wet this morning, as I am not a big supporter of the umbrella. No, as far as I am concerned, a brolly is a big no no. I like cheese to be cut a certain way and I don’t like umbrellas. It’s not a phobia or a result of a traumatic incident. I just think that wandering around with a spiky kite on a short pole is a bit daft. I’d rather get wet than work out how to dry out a hulking great nylon bat-wing. In fact, I am very surprised that the umbrella did not end up confined to the same cupboard as grape-scissors and the penny-farthing.
Dear oh dear! Rant over.
This evening I am all alone.  Hoobiz is out with his work Peeps, enjoying a belated Christmas do.  I’m home alone (well, The Little Perfect One is asleep) and loving it. It’s so nice just to potter about and not feel the need to give any commentary. OK, obviously I’m doing that now in a way. Still I’m not announcing anything first, I’m just doing it. Sharing is for the most part wonderful and Hoobiz is the best company, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that I’m pretty good at entertaining myself.
There is something delicious about having a glass of wine on your own. It makes me laugh, as for years I was too frightened to even take a solitary sip. I seem to remember reading as a teenager that ‘Drinking alone’ was one of the definitive signs of alcoholism. I understand the principle, but taken to an extreme it would seem that you couldn’t be an alcoholic if you were always pissed in public.
I think that perhaps logic gets a bit tipsy on occasions.
Certainly, it seemed that way this morning. The nice and competent Big Ugly engineer was back. This was the chap who said he could fix the problem temporarily but that until The Big Ugly agreed to do something permanent we’d continue to go through this cycle of nonsense. The issue was being caused by the fact that there are too many of us travelling down the same ‘pipe’.
Refreshingly, he sticks to his story. I ask him if he can please call and confirm the issue with Big Ugly HQ. He’s happy to oblige. I do this, as last time the voice of The Big Ugly had no record of this fault. They also claimed the engineer’s notes must been lost. Rather unlikely, I mean it’s not as if he sends them in on a postcard...
I really like this guy. He’s not slagging anyone off he’s just honest. He says that our best approach now is to contact Ofcom, as sometimes getting a complaints number can help to chivvy The Big Ugly into taking some sort of action.

Depressingly, about half an hour after he left the throughput departed as well. I am less angry about it than I thought I would be, simply because I knew it was going to happen again and I hadn’t been promised that it wouldn’t.
Anyway it’s Friday night and I’ve made through another week – cheers!


  1. I really like that saying "he's not slagging off he's just being honest!" slagging is such a good term that people don't often use. One phrase I keep hearing lately that drives me nuts, crazy or whatever is "MY bad" and I was watching a show the other day from 2002, and the character said that.....I couldn't believe it, I thought this was fairly new...now I'm going to have to google that phrase. Have a great day out there today!

  2. Thanks Karen!
    My Bad has started to drive me nuts, but like you I thought this was a fairly new irratant. The other one that gets to me at the moment is a habit some people seem to have of pre-fixing everything with ‘obviously’. It really sounds odd when they say something rather startling, but even worse when they say something mundane. I recently had to ask for directions and was obviously told ‘Well obviously it’s the first left and then obviously the second right yeah? And basically it’s obviously right near there.’ Say no more!

  3. Creative blip here...the tree idea is spectacular!

  4. Thank you 'Thug in a Cocktail Dress'.

    I absolutley love the honesty of your blog.