Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wednesday January 5th 2011 – The Kindness of Strangers.

Dear Tree, you look sensational out there, I should be inspired and uplifted. I’m so sorry, I’m just not feeling it. Today was the brick wall and I’m just no match for anything solid right now.
I am so tired and low that...well... I feel utterly defeated.
There is absolutely no chance of me being able to write anything today, but I’m so far behind that I decide I need to at least log on and have a go. To be honest, it’s partly a question of torturing myself. ‘Llook at all the things you haven’t done!’ I’m not sure why that happens when you are feeling particularly rubbish, it’s like a switch that must be pressed: ‘How  low can you actually go?’
But there’s also the optimistic part of me that reasons... a quick read of some of my favourite sites may help a bit...
Hang on a minute? What’s this?
An Introduction, to me and my Tree, by Juniper from the fantastic Dreams and Reality
I am really touched by this. It’s such a thoroughly lovely and generous thing to do. Yes, today was pants and I’m painfully exhausted, but the kindness of someone I have never met has left me feeling a whole lot brighter.
Thank you Juniper!

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