Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday January 4th 2011 – Big Day.

I can’t believe how huge today was. It felt like the sort of day that would have taken months to prepare for. The sort of day that can only be happen if you take complete bed rest for 2 weeks, both before and after those manic 24 hours.
The sad thing is that it was just another day. This is it now. This sort of day is the new norm. It’s already the norm for millions of people and it’s probably a lot less frantic than 99.99% them.
For the last couple of weeks Simona has been looking after The Little Perfect One when I’ve been at work, but today he went to the Childminder from 8:30am until 5:30pm.
I know that I haven’t really got the right to whinge. The childminder is lovely. I work from home, which is only 5 minutes from her house in the car or 20 minutes on foot.
Still, I feel wretched, shattered and blobby. Leaving a screaming Little Perfect One with a relative stranger feels horrendously wrong.
How am I going to do it all again tomorrow?
Tomorrow also comes with that rare delight – a trip to the Dentist.
Mission for tomorrow is to get through it all without getting sectioned. Right now, I’m really not feeling that optimistic.

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