Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wednesday 24th November 2010 - In Defence of Yesterday.

OK, so today is even more beautiful than yesterday and even though I am still a miserable Moo, things are looking up a bit.
1.      The Tree looks decidedly lovely.
2.      Despite the fact that it was a case of Ring and Repeat with The Big Ugly last night, we now have an Engineer booked for next Monday (29-11-10).
3.      No Internet, but no Big Ugly calls for 4 whole days!!!!!
4.      Today, husband time and exercise time will be restored.
5.      Yes I do still have to go back to work in a couple of weeks, but I am determined to have a wonderful day with my gorgeous boy.

Also, I’ve been thinking about yesterday. I don’t really have a defence, but thought it worth mentioning that Lorna’s voice has been known to grate even on the saintly. It’s not just her Pilculton inflection, it’s more her tone. Some words are stripped of endings and additional syllables are inserted into the middle of others. All are pelted out at speed, in an erratic pitch and there are, at most, 5 distinct consonants.
However, I can’t help smiling when she needs to give her children a ‘telling off’. You see, Lorna has always lived in Pilculton. Her family have been there for at least seven generations. Yet the Pilculton twang melts away at the slightest hint of discipline. ‘No Theo. We do not do that’ is always delivered in a rather convincing Zimbabwean accent.
I think it might be a way of separating ‘Good-Cop-Mummy’ from ‘Naughty-Step-Mummy’. Perhaps I’ll start working on a Romanian flavour for The Little Perfect One, or maybe Glaswegian?
Hmm... I wonder which Mummies have the sweetest, kindest, best behaved children...
Well, it’s probably the ones that can at least behave themselves. I’ll probably start with that before spicing up my inflection.
Sorry Lorna. I did put myself in time-out for 35 minutes.

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