Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Thursday 25th November 2010 - Bliss.

I generally love a good Thursday and today was no exception. The Rage is caged for now and even though ‘the norm’ is set to change, for today at least, I managed to pretend that it could be this way forever.
The first thing about Thursdays is that in the morning a truly fantastic girl now comes to my house and cleans it. This is beyond brilliant. The plan was always to get a cleaner upon my return to work, but Gail started a few weeks ago, so that everything would be in place when that dreaded day arrives. The lovely Gail is one of those extraordinary people who isn’t daunted by anything and is basically impressive at everything she attempts.
The second thing about Thursdays is that for an hour before lunch The Little Perfect One and I go to ‘Toddler Training’, in Hazlet. This is not a group designed to teach toddlers to sit and heel. No, despite the name, we have heaps of fun spinning around, playing football, singing and catching bubbles.
The third thing about this particular Thursday was that Simona, The Little Perfect One and I all trundled along to the ‘Museum of Great Fantastical-ness.’ OK, so it’s not actually called that, but it’s so good it could be. It leaves me feeling thoroughly inspired and happily convinced that I am back to being 8 again... Also they have some of the world’s finest cakes.
Bliss... If only every day could be as delicious.

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