Saturday, 14 May 2011

Monday February 14th –Office Chic.

I’m not well, I can’t stand driving and I need to go into the office tomorrow.
Dull as these facts might be, they are not getting any prettier. I now have the new delights of a hacking cough and a blooming cold sore.
So much for wowing my old colleagues with my new yummy-mummy status!  I’ll be chuffed if they think I’m still allowed to walk among the living.
Oh well! At least I can look slim-ish. That’ll be the upside. I’ll pick out something snappy from my ‘not completely massive’ wardrobe and that will give me an enormous lift.
The only problem is that the 2 jackets that ought to fit me don’t, my elegant skirt makes me look shrink-wrapped and my classic shirts simply don’t do up.
Damn Christmas! Damn desk job! Damn utter lack of self-restraint and total inability to stick at anything!
Big-fat-fatty trousers and a saggy jumper it is!

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