Monday, 11 April 2011

Tuesday February 8th – Get it Together!

I can’t blame Tuesday. I can’t blame anyone. Well, I can blame myself, but I don’t think that’s going to help.
It’s like being late for a train, on a Siberianly cold day, in nose-bleedingly high heels. Oh and they’ve had a burst pipe and your platform is the furthest across the glacial station. You can see where you need to be, but slipping and sliding all over the place you’ve got bugger all chance of getting there.
I want to get fitter, but I seem to be doing less and less exercise. I want to be leaner, but I seem to be ingesting more and more cake. Where more is less and less is more, but absolutely not in a good way, that’s where I am.
Need to turn the corner and get back into the groove without finding myself in a rut. First step is to stop thinking in clichés!


  1. should just take each day at a time...long walks around nature is often an answer for me....the reflection I feel inside just seems to melt the other junk away....have a blissful week of just enjoying YOU!...does the other stuff really matter...enjoy your gift of today! ;)

  2. Marcella: Where are you? I love your blog and hope you will continue to post soon. Be well.

  3. Hey JJ! Thank you for your concern. I'm here, well and ready to start posting furiously very soon. Sorry for slacking, but things have just been going too blooming quickly!