Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday February 7th – The Ghost of the Big Ugly

Well today it feels like the perfect occasion to offer a Big Ugly update.
To be honest, (and that’s what this February is all about), there isn’t one.
Well, at least I don’t have new information from the Big Ugly. They’ve gone all Big Hush.
Seriously, not a peep since the last instalment, nearly a month ago now:
Well, they tried to phone on Monday the 9th, but I was on a call and couldn’t answer. We missed them again when they called in the evening and they tried once more when I was picking up The Little Perfect One on the Tuesday afternoon.
We still had connection, so it didn’t seem in our best interests to ring them back. That’s pretty much how it’s continued. It’s stupidly superstitious, but I feel very shaky about saying it’s all OK now. Jinx! Jinx! Forget asking, this is begging for trouble! It’s like running under a trio of ladders, stepping on all the cracks and bumping into a lone magpie with a broken mirror in his beak!
Yet, I do find it odd. We spent months listening to a choir of bored voices singing the ‘it will be sorted in the morning’ hymn. However, we had basically no internet connection until the tortured Complaints Manager’s rousing solo of ‘There is no permanent fixture.’
 It’s a bit of an uneasy solution, knowing that we were promised it couldn’t last.

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