Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sunday February 6th –– Just Messing About in Quotes.

The elements are being a little less stroppy today, but I’ve decided I’m still not going to brave the dummy run. I have loads of time, after all, and next weekend is looking like a much better option. It’s closer to the real thing for starters and I’ll be more likely to remember the route. I’m not great with sat navs. Besides, I am far too busy.
Good grief, I have even done a bit of scribbling!
We’ve had a glorious day of pottering, sorting, playing, tidying and riffling. I am not sure exactly what has been accomplished, but it’s been wonderful.
In the words of Bertrand Russell:
‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’


  1. It certainly isn't wasted, it's just that we have far too little of to grasp every moment we can have in life! Take care!

  2. Very true Karen, but somehow on a beautiful sunny afternoon like today (April 10-04-11) for just a few blissful moments if feels like you might have forever!